ZKTime Pro + iClockS580 Biometric/Proximity T&A Solution

ZKTime Pro + iClockS580 Biometric/Proximity T&A Solution

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The iClockS580 features 3.5" Colour LCD display with easy to use graphical menus for easy configuration. The terminal is supplied with an Optical Fingerprint and a Proximity card reader. We always advise having a proximity reader on any fingerprint device for those individuals that have seriously damaged finger pads, however it should be noted that up to 10 fingers may be enrolled per person! 

The iClockS580 is capable of storing 1500 employees and 30,000 transactions with all data preserved through a backup battery in the event of a power failure.

This device also has inbuilt door access control functionality enabling 50 time zones and 5 groups all controlled via the ZKTime Pro software application.

Factory bell may be controlled to indicate shift changes or breaks.

The data from the clock may be retrieved or updated directly if connected to the company local area network or where that is not possible through the use of a USB Pen Stick.

ZKTime Pro Main Screen

Employee Profile

ZKTime Pro Staff Screen


Employee Punch Screen

ZKTime Pro Punches

Events Definitions (Absences & Occurences)

ZKTime Pro Events 


ZKTime Pro Reports

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